Yun Hwa Sangha

Bang San Ho Temple

Since ancient times, whenever a master builds a temple, or a pagoda, or when he creates a statue of Buddha or a bodhisattva, he never neglects them after they are finished because it is of the utmost importance for the temple or the statues to always receive the continual blessings and energy of the Master who built them. 

If it is a Master who realizes the Buddha (the absolute, truth), and who also knows what is between the sky and the land energy, He is not greedy for himself but greedy to save all sentient beings, then this Master’s true, sincere blessings and energy will ensure that the temple lasts thousands of years and benefits everyone. 

Particularly people who come and practice in that temple, even for thousands of years, will receive the blessings from the master who pioneered that temple. That is why whoever goes to this kind of temple becomes clear and receives many benefits. 

© Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim 


Calendar 2021

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