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About the Yun Hwa Sangha

The Yun Hwa Denomination of World Social Buddhism is an international Sangha founded by the Supreme Matriarch, Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim. She first started teaching the essence of Social Buddhism in Honolulu in 1979, and then subsequently in Europe from 1983 on. Since then over 25 centers have been established on the continent which are still expanding and flourishing today.

The Supreme Matriarch returned to the United States in 1993 and founded the Lotus Buddhist Monastery on the Big Island of Hawaii. The School for Monks and Nuns which follows the lineage and teachings of Sok Ga Mo Ni Buddha and the Lotus Sutra, is also established here. The Monastery is a place for all of Dae Poep Sa Nim’s students from Europe and other parts of the world to practice and deepen their understanding of Social Buddhism. The Monastery is acknowledged to be the most serene, peaceful and beautiful energy place in the world for such spiritual practice.

In 1992, Dae Poep Sa Nim began to write the Daily Teaching (Sutra) for Her students. She has done so every day for the past 20 years and not missed a single day. Each teaching of Dae Poep Sa Nim follows the energy of that specific day. It gives guidance and wisdom to help address and overcome the wide range of issues in human existence that challenge us in contemporary society. Now numbering over 8,000 sutras, they are translated daily into several languages. Compilations of the Daily Teachings have also been published in a number of languages and are sold throughout the world.  
Continuously seeking new ways to benefit and help Her students, nineteen year ago, the Supreme Matriarch began creating energy paintings as a way to transmit spiritual energy and provide great support in the lives of those who own them. There are now more than 400 of these paintings in various parts of the world.
Among the many unique offerings to the world by the Supreme Matriarch, are the ancestor and nature ceremonies which She performs on a regular basis to take care of our ancestors and to put nature at ease. These ceremonies, continuing since 1979, are of a highly sensitive and complex nature and can be performed by only a very few masters with the highest level of spiritual attainment.   

While teaching in the Monastery, the Supreme Matriarch began the construction of the two-storied temple which was completed in 2000 with its most beautiful Dharma Room and the Thousand Buddha Room.
Early in 2001, the Supreme Matriarch decided to install the World Peace Bell that was inaugurated on August 15, 2001. Since then, it is rung regularly on a daily basis four times a day, resonating throughout our globe. Its reverberations help to awaken our minds to unceasingly strive for world peace.
The Supreme Matriarch built two of the largest pagodas in the United States in 2003. These massive granite edifices are very special energy points through which the Supreme Matriarch sends energy over the globe.
In 2006, the 62-foot tall solid granite World Peace Kwan Se Um Bo Sal (the Perceiving World Sound, Wishes Come True Bodhisattva of Love and Compassion) was erected to further promote world peace. The Kwan Se Um Bo Sal helps everyone’s wishes to be fulfilled, thus bringing calm and serenity to humankind and mitigating tensions and conflicts.
Having experienced directly what war is and been personally injured, the Supreme Matriarch is unwavering in Her pursuit of world peace and always seeks new ways to benefit us all on the path of emancipation. 


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