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Paintings of Dae Poep Sa Nim

The Daily Sutra and the Energy Spiritual Writing Paintings are both very important. The Daily Sutras are Buddha's messages, given for each day's energy while, through the energy paintings, Dae Poep Sa Nim transmits supernatural penetration power and energy with each brush stroke. Each painting has a particular purpose, which continuously helps you to have a better life.

The homes or offices where these paintings hang are places of great protection and energy, it is just like having a temple in one's own home. Anyone who lives or works in the presence of an energy painting receives great benefit from it, regardless of which religion or belief he might have. No matter what, the energy painting will work for him. Everybody can feel the supernatural penetration power, which Dae Poep Sa Nim transmits through the canvas. Many, many people have expressed their wish to write a testimonial letter, in order to share with others their experience of the great help and benefit they have already received through these energy paintings.

Dae Poep Sa Nim explains that this kind of advertisement is not necessary since the energy paintings are a treasure, which anybody can receive; they serve to benefit the person who receives them and the people who are around them. People who have enough virtue are able to get an energy painting, but if there is not enough virtue, a person has to build up the correct connection and relationship in order to find the energy paintings.

In the past, when people received an energy painting, they did so simply because they wished to have one. However, because the energy paintings are so powerful and work so well, the people started to appreciate more and more the art which comes from the truth. Because so many people have been lucky enough to receive a painting, nowadays the tremendous benefit the energy paintings provide is widely well-known. Furthermore, the number of paintings Dae Poep Sa Nim can do each year becomes smaller and smaller, and as a result, the paintings are becoming even more rare and sought-after.

Because of all these developments, Dae Poep Sa Nim is very concerned that somebody might want to take or steal your energy painting. Dae Poep Sa Nim emphasized that those of you who have a painting should keep it very safely and preciously. In order to make sure that it stays with you, your family, or your successors, you should always protect it against theft or any kind of forfeiture.

Dae Poep Sa Nim's paintings are an important and vital part of the Dharma work, which will not only help you in your life, but which will also help to bring about peace in this world.

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