Yun Hwa Sangha


5,775 April 1, 2008  Lotus Buddhist Monastery 

In our everyday life, we have many things to do; we are constantly on the go trying to accomplish what we want to do. In that busy life, we often forget when to relax. Even though there might be time to relax, often one plans to do something instead. It is just like a horse that keeps on running. 

Also in that busy lifestyle, one might think about one’s health, but one does not actually pay attention to taking care of it until one’s body is really sick. Most of the time, this is what the modern person’s life is like. 
For one’s health and one’s future, one should strive to make one’s mind comfortable. If one’s mind is comfortable, then one’s body becomes healthy. One then would also have enough space of mind, so that one can do one’s given duties wholeheartedly and accomplish everything well. 

Usually the horse who runs the fastest is also the one who makes the most mistakes and often gets hurt. In order to make one’s mind comfortable, one should diminish one’s desire and greed. Whenever an opportunity comes to one, one should do it appreciatively, sincerely, and wholeheartedly. Then although one’s body is moving, one can still have a comfortable, healthy life. 


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