Special Energy Spiritual Writing Painting - March 8, 2011

Special Energy Spiritual Writing Painting

The recent political and economic upheavals, together with the spate of natural disasters, tragedies of unprecedented proportions, as well as personal crises, have made us feel and see an imbalance in the energy of the world and in our individual lives. Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim the Supreme Matriarch of the Lotus Denomination of World Social Buddhism has, therefore, created a very special and unique painting to balance the energy and bring prosperity to those who possess the painting or its reproduction. Each brush stroke has been infused with energy and blessings to eliminate the prevailing imbalance and thus promote human wellbeing. The more people receive the benefits of this painting, the greater will be its power to bring about global equilibrium and overcome difficulties and catastrophes.

In this painting, Buddha is portrayed embracing the entire universe and balancing every force - yin and yang, good and bad, right and wrong. This balance is depicted by the sun and the moon, as well as the fast rabbit and slow turtle, on either side. The lower torso is constituted of water because, feng shui-wise, that is where human emotions are situated, and the imagery of the calm ocean represents peace and serenity. The diamond signifies the immense spiritual treasure that one can attain, and helps usher great prosperity.

Because it is such an important painting for the entire world, Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim has offered this valuable gift to all with the opportunity to download and print it out. The painting can be freely shared with family and friends, or whomsoever one wishes, who all in turn can forward this boon to others. The intent is for as many people as possible to benefit from this very special energy. During these difficult and turbulent times, it is a great gift to give, regardless of whether one is a practitioner or not, and irrespective of the religion one belongs to. The painting will bring virtue to oneself and to those who further pass it on to others for its impact is universal.

For energy reasons, it is important to place the picture preferably outside or inside above the main entrance door (or in its proximity) of one’s home, office or site of great importance. It is recommended to frame the painting as a mark of respect, and for best results, to print it on photo paper of letter size or A4 format.

About Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim

Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim founded the Yun Hwa (Lotus Flower) Denomination of World Social Buddhism in 1979, which follows the lineage of Shakyamuni Buddha according to the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. Having attained Buddha’s (the Absolute, Truth) energy, She has traveled the world over to bring the message of this Absolute Truth through the path of Social Buddhism. The Supreme Matriarch, a Great Dharma Energy Master, is able to balance nature’s energy in order to avert tragedies. In fact, as an example, since the time that She has been residing at the Lotus Buddhist Monastery on the Big Island of Hawaii, no natural calamities have struck it, which historically is known to be afflicted by severe hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and dangerous lava eruptions.

Transmitting a pure Buddhism with direct lineage to Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), which  is free of any specific country’s tradition, and seeing the whole world as one family, Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim’s teaching is relevant and appropriate for any culture and time in history. It serves as a compass for life for people of any religion. The purpose of Social Buddhism is to practice and to attain enlightenment within the social context of one’s daily life and tasks, and in interactions with people. Untainted by the five desires, and gaining clarity and wisdom through Buddha’s teachings, one is able to perform one’s correct duty and function as a human being by benefiting others and making their happiness as one’s own. Such an approach leads to a more virtuous and meaningful existence, within which life is held with great appreciation and reverence. (She has achieved this objective through 25 centers in Europe and the United States, leading bi-annual retreats and disseminating Daily Sutras (teachings), globally  for the past 19 years wihtout missing a single day.)

Experiencing directly what war is about, and having been personally injured by it, the Supreme Matriarch is working incessantly, day and night, for global peace.  Because of Her life-long dedication to and great wish for this noble cause, She  perceived and envisioned the making of the world’s first “World Peace” Kwan Se Um Bo Sal – (Kwan Se Um: the Goddess of Love and Compassion, who listens to the sounds of the world). In 2006 She built a 20-m (65ft) tall solid granite statue encircled by flags of the 192 Member States of the United Nations, to denote the embrace and protection of humankind, and which enable the Supreme Matriarch to bless all of the countries every single day.

As part of Her comprehensive work for world peace, the Supreme Matriarch has been creating distinctive and powerful energy spiritual writing paintings for the past 17 years. In a certificate of appreciation from the House of Representatives of the State of Hawaii, Her calligraphy and portrayals have been described  as “beautiful paintings that go beyond the mundane to the transmittal of spiritual energy that is of  benefit to the owner of the art …”, thus giving countless gifts to the world.


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