Daily Fragrance 7354

Daily Fragrance Of The Lotus Flower

7354 July 28, 2012 Lotus Buddhist Monastery


Our original mind, the true “I”, is pure and clear and shines like a pure, clear and shining mirror. At the same time, it is like a sky without any clouds. It is always radiant, beautiful, most comfortable and peaceful. But, no matter how shiny the mirror is, the dust on it, will make it tainted and unclear. It is the same for the sky which will be obscured also by either a dark or white cloud.

Our mind is similar to this. To practice means to find the original mind, which is one's true “I”. But discovering one's original mind and true “I” is not like obtaining it from another place outside oneself. Each and every one of you, especially human beings, already have it.

One's karma is just like a dust or cloud obscuring oneself. Illusions and delusions follow and the three poisons appear automatically. That is why the dust and clouds should be eliminated. Enlightenment can be attained by practicing which dispels all blemishes. However, to think that one is already enlightened, will make the dust and clouds, as well as the poison of a strong ego and arrogance, appear even more. At the same time, the least extent of knowledge, leads to the assumption that much is known. All of this false thinking produces impurities in the original mind, which is our true “I”. True enlightenment means going beyond “I, my, me”, and being always together with one's true “I”, which is the great “I”.

So, in order to attain the true “I”, always remain humble and think of others as one's family. With such mindfulness, in there, true enlightenment and a loving and compassionate mind can be realized. If one achieves this, enlightenment will exist forever without name or form.


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