Daily Fragrance 7315

Daily Fragrance Of The Lotus Flower

7315 June 19, 2012 Lotus Buddhist Monastery

Peace will prevail when all of us realize the teaching of Buddha (the Absolute, the Truth), which says that we are one. The economic and political situations, with their crises and risks, will be then overcome to go in the right direction. We can all live with each other very well in harmony and understanding in all the countries and the world, as a whole. 

The simple fact actually is that - you are me and I am you. By realizing this, each one of us should understand the incalculable benefit and satisfaction which will return to us. But, not to comprehend this fact, and think only of ourselves and individual benefit, results in many difficulties and no gains whatsoever. I would like to give you a story as an example.

There was once a snake born with two heads and one body. Such a rare snake was born in this present life because in many previous lives there were two friends who always argued, fought and were jealous of one another in spite of having some feelings and affinity towards each other. This is why they finally ended up as two heads on the body of a snake.

But even though they were born with this unusual form, they still quarreled constantly. For example, one head would want potato chips, while the other wished for banana chips. If one wanted to go north, the second fancied going south. And so they argued perpetually on every issue and became upset with each other.

Eventually, one of the heads conceived of an idea, which it thought was brilliant. It reasoned that without the other head, all its suffering would vanish and it could finally be at peace. It decided, therefore, to get rid of the other head by giving it a poisoned potato chip to eat.

Initially, the first head was happy to see the second head getting sick after eating the chip because it meant that it would no longer have to confront the second head. But as time went by, the first head started feeling sick, too, and died shortly thereafter.

And so the reality is that everybody is one family. We have to understand that hurting others is to actually hurt and harm our own selves. When we come together, harmonize and care for one another, we can continually progress and live happy and prosperous lives.

If we actually realize that we are one, the current political, economic and fiscal turmoil in Europe would end soon. This is true not only for Europe, but also for the United States, the Orient and the entire world.

In order to bring peace to this globe, we should realize this simple and clear fact: if we take care of others, others will take care of us. We are not two and we are not separated. We are one.


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