Daily Fragrance 7300

Daily Fragrance Of The Lotus Flower 7300 June 4, 2012 Lotus Buddhist Monastery


Cause and conditions are two interconnected aspects. The word, cause, in Korean is called yin and conditions, as yeun. A condition or yeun arises because of the prevalence of a cause, which is yin. Similarly, when there is no yin or cause, there is also no yeun or condition. In any situation - be it at work, at home or one where human relationships are involved, the yeun will be incorrect if the yin is not correct, often resulting in negative circumstances that are wrought with much intense suffering.

It is important to understand, especially in human relationships and many other matters of our daily existence that yin is the self, while yeun signifies others. So, an unwise person always blames and disparages others. Having lack of respect for others, little does one realize what yin is, namely that it is one's own self representing that negative yin.

That is why one is preoccupied with the mind that dislikes others and views them in the wrong light. At the same time, what kind of representation is given to yin is not realized either. Not only does one bear grudges and dislikes, but rather blames others for not being dealt with correctly or sufficiently taken care of. Thus, all others are regarded as enemies. Such ignorance comes from one’s representation of yin.

But to be respected, loved and receive good treatment from others, one must learn to manage the yin correctly. It means having the mind of loving and caring for everyone with great sincerity. To have this balance and equipoise, it is necessary to eliminate stipulations, such as being happy only when there is benefit for oneself, and being negative towards others when there is no personal gain for oneself forthcoming from them. This kind of yin, which is the mind of dislike and animosity, should be eliminated at all costs.

Furthermore, human pride does not have self-nature. So if that pride was placed and weighed on a scale, the needle would hardly move. Hence, if this arrogance has to be retained, which makes one’s own yin stiff, negative and nasty, then inevitably other people, who constitute the yeun, will react in the same unyielding way.

Therefore, it is necessary to control one’s yin and saturate it with the mind of compassion while dealing with a person who has a strong sense of pride.


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