Daily Fragrance 7299

Daily Fragrance Of The Lotus Flower 7299 June 3, 2012 Lotus Buddhist Monastery


There are many planets in this universe, which is the realm of the Dharma. Our globe floats comfortably in the cosmos, and while revolving ceaselessly, it embraces both the sun and the moon. The Earth is by far the most beautiful planet - more radiant and life-nurturing than any other.

At the same time, the species and form of nature and all the sentient beings, on this planet are remarkably exquisite, interesting and beautiful. That is why, from ancient times the person, who realizes the Buddha, sees this world with the eyes of Buddha. Every individual is perceived as most subtle, serene and attractive. That is why as soon as enlightenment is attained, one automatically utters, “Ah!”

Regular and routine human life is so busy that people cannot open their eyes to or see others, nor is concentration possible. Being fully absorbed in the daily grind of a rushed and hectic schedule, the exquisite splendour of our planet is not noticed but overlooked. And so the truest of happiness is forgotten, too, and we live in suffering, preoccupied with our own erroneous and narrow concepts.

That is why Sok Ga Mo Ni Buddha and all the other Buddhas appeared in this world to awaken and save all sentient beings. Therefore, the Buddhas continuously teach us all until today and will do so infinitely.

The beauty of our globe, within this universe, is unsurpassed. So, whenever one is suffering and feels that life is difficult, reflect upon what I say: “This world is most beautiful”. At the moment when this thought appears, you will forget your present difficulties and open up to the mind of beauty. As that mind of beauty expands and enlarges, the walls of concepts are broken down and overcome, for clarity to set in gradually. Consequently, one can see and feel whatever was not seen or felt before. Look in the mirror. You, yourself are also beautiful !

Do not forget: each drop of dew that is collected becomes a river. And so, it is the same with your one moment of beauty; this mindfulness of beauty will bring great and unbounded happiness in the future.


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